I have a best friend of 3 years. When I met her she was funny, risky- challenging, strong, and a great person. Now she got older and is too caught up in boys. I don’t know what to do because we still have fun, but now 45% of the time is her talking about this one boy, and she has done very bad things when she’s been with him. ( no drugs) She keeps posting tiktoks I know she will regret, but idk what to do. We keep getting in arguments and she said it herself that she will only listen to this boy, who blocks her everyday. CAN SOMEONE HELP!


the time i was bullied almost to my death

As a straight A, mid popular student, with stable income of my parents you would think i had it all. but i didn’t, coming home to divorced parents, with a mom in a sudden 2nd divorce, a dad with a girlfriend who got rid of my dog of 10 years… I didn’t. Her daughter and her moved into my house and i got kicked into the basement of my house because her daughter took my room, we then sold my childhood house to move into a house with them. I didn’t have a room at the time- they were building mine and i slept in my step sister room. She is 9 and got a bigger room than me. I would go to school and it would be my time away from my shitty life. Until that changed too. Walking down to my gym class late, because i was getting work from my teachers because i was absent the day before. I was walking down an empty hall and opened the door to the staircase started to walk down and i was shoved down the stairs i instantly looked up and saw a flash of all black. he ran down the stairs and jumped on me, i pushed myself up and started to run, he grabbed my arm and got me on the ground. his foot was in my stomach and he constanley stomped on me. I grabbed his foot and pushed it away, jumped down the stairs and went onto gym class. he texted me constanley to make sure i felt bad about myself. Someone who noticed it put him in the bully box, we had many conversations to make sure i was okay. I WAS NOT. i covered up for him and even had the opportunity to sue him. After i told the teachers to stop and drop it he still bullied me. bullying is not okay, even if it is not that big of a deal you have no idea what people go through outside what you see. i am very good at covering up my feelings, and i know many people who can do it too. This story doesn’t seem deep but no one really knows how i felt, and every opertunuity i have been through. There was so much more going on at home that i can’t talk about yet. this helps me bring myself up and i hope people get a kick out of it. even though at home i wasn’t being abused.. someone was. and and that’s enough said.

Today 3 Daily Corona life

9:30- I have just woken up, getting ready for my day with a shower, face wash, and getting dressed

9:30- 10:00- Phone time, look and clear notifications

10:00- start making my smoothie, frozen berries, mango, juice, granola, yogurt

10:15- With smoothie start a writing piece, look for views/ likes- go view others pages

11:00 try and get out for a run- crappy weather decided to do 5 more of everything in my workout

11:30- read my medical books

12:00- review google class room for my teachers- email them- MY FIRST LIKES!

12:30- decided it was best to get outside for a run

1:00- Time to eat- 7 weathins with garlic and herb cheese, and cucumbers and feta cheese

1:30: Banna and stretching

2:00- Made plans with friends in my neighborhood, going for a walk on different sides of the street.

2:00-3:00- phone time, catching up on latest news/ drama

3:00 Met up with friends leaving for walk

4:30- Home from my walk

4:45- start a new blog uploaded tommorow

5:15- 6:00- phone, called grandma

6:00-7:00- hung out with family, ate dinner

7:00-8:00- Streched, listened to music

8:00-9:00- watch tv to fall asleep

Today 3

I haven’t came here to write in a while, although I have missed it. Corona has changed my sleep schedule so much. Even if I got to bed at 9, I spend most of my night coming up with plans. Oddly enough I have been looking at others blog stealing ideas. Not literally cause that’s mean. I am creating a blog timed update today on my activity, planning on posting at 9pm tonight, or early AM tomorrow. I hope this will make your day a little less boring.

Today 2 pt1

Good morning everyone, currently hearing by best friend boy problems, but everyone needs a friend. Me my sister and my brother went on a walk in our neighborhood and i think our neighbors hate us i haven’t ate yet and its 12:31… Corona has messed up my schedule so much and i need something to entertain me, word press is helping! I will be back later!

Today 1 pt2 How corona effect me

Corona is effecting billions of people, and im gonna tell you about how it effects me. I no longer attend my school, and am missing out on education and social time. My productivity is lowering, and i feel trapped. My sport swimming has been canceled which will lower my ability to work on my stroke with the upcoming meets i want to attend. My mom a hospital employee is nervous, working and coming home to 4 kids.New thing about me i have many step and blood siblings. I am sure this is a much bigger deal for some people and those people need recognition, share your story with me #mycoronastory


its 5;52 pm and throughout my day i feel like i could write a book, it has turned so oddly. To start off hi im anonymous and im so glad ur here. i woke up so early today at 9:30 cause i had a conference call with my coach, i ended up watching tiktoks to later find out i was supposed to call him, then we talked and i started to play a game, i saw my ex best friend on and kept playing. He kept inviting me to his party in the game and we ended up face timing for 3 hours. I had to leave when my tik tok dancer sister screamed lets go we hung up and i drove over to my moms. I was pissed she wasn’t there when i got there but when i opened the door, my grandfather had his dog over that i HATE and he got out, but of course my queen dog didn’t, wonder why. That happened 3 hours ago and he still isn’t back, and now i feel awkward walking around my whole house. Welcome to day one there is a slight possibility ill post 10 pts a day, especially with CORONA which i think my mom has conceding she is a ER person, okay bye my computers gonna die. Fyi i got a new computer case today its sick